HR Case Studies

Business Challenge: Similar to other senior living facilities with often limited administrative staff, Courtyard Gardens found it difficult to handle HR-related issues in-house. Wanting to control costs, improve efficiencies and maintain compliance with HR regulations, the company decided to explore outsourcing its HR-related functions. This would allow Courtyard Gardens to focus on top quality, individualized resident care.

Business Challenge: After working with another payroll provider for several years in a relationship he considered difficult and unresponsive, Klavon decided to make a change. By this time, he also realized that the time he was spending on the business had kept him from paying attention to the rising costs of his workers’ compensation.

Business Challenge: Although he has always worked with payroll services or PEOs (employee leasing companies), Throm had a series of bad experiences with several of these firms. Understandably a little “gun shy” about similar relationships going forward, he contracted with a consultant who conducted an exhaustive bidding and vetting process. Specifications included the need for a reputable, full-service PEO with the ability to handle complex hospitality payroll, benefits, workers’ compensation insurance and related HR management services.

Business Challenge: Having owned a commercial construction business dating from 2002, Ken Barnett has worked with our affiliate on and off during the ensuing years, after first having received a recommendation from his accountant. During his last “hiatus” from our affiliate, (based at that time on the size of his business, a restriction no longer in place), he realized he was spending more than he thought was reasonable for workers’ compensation and payroll services.