Staffing Solutions & Consulting

Staffing Solutions & Consulting

Entirety HR takes the work and guesswork out of hiring.

Your small business can have big company resources to ensure that you secure the very best talent. Whether you need to fill an entry-level position or recruit an experienced executive, Entirety HR staffing gets you the results you’re looking for, without having to endure a calendar-clogging process.

Regarding staffing solutions, our approach is informed, expert and comprehensive. We provide you with thoroughly screened and qualified applicants that are ideally suited to meet the unique needs of your company.

Our staffing solution services are backed by more than 30 years of experience:

Telephone Screening

Determining an applicant’s skills, experience and job history is an important first step in the screening process. Entirety HR identifies qualified candidates and goes beyond the typical screening questions to discover the motivations and interests that drive inquiries.

Skills Assessments

Need proficiency in specific areas? Our experts conduct assessments to learn each candidate’s level of skill and expertise. Industry categories we assess include administrative, clerical, accounting, light industrial, medical, and more.

In-Depth Interview

After the preliminary telephone screening and review of application, resume and answers to behavioral questions, our staffing professionals conduct in-depth interviews to further qualify candidates. As a talented staffing solutions firm, Entirety HR ensures that you are presented with only the best potential employees to suit your unique requirements.

Background Checks

As a part of our staffing solution services, FrankCrum conducts two reference checks on employment candidates, at no additional cost to your company. If you require deeper testing, we can provide optional services like drug testing, additional background checks, credit checks, and Motor Vehicle Records checks.


As a staffing solutions firm, we want to make sure your new hires get to work quickly and efficiently. When an applicant has successfully passed through Entirety HR’s screening and testing process, we complete the hiring process by preparing necessary paperwork like I-9s and W-4s. We will also communicate responsibilities, procedures and performance expectations, in conjunction with the specifications of your business.